Tips to Care Red Maple Bonsai

Tips to Care Red Maple Bonsai

Red maple bonsai is original to China and Japan. It’s a popular theme in Japanese bonsai. The bark on the young branches and trunks usually green or may be red in some varieties and turns brown or light gray color with age. There are many different types of A. Palmatum, including the thread leaf and lace leaf varieties. Red maple varieties seem to be more popular as a bonsai.

The Red maple bonsai must be placed where it will receive morning or evening sun but will not in direct sunlight at the height of summer and do not water in direct sunlight. Delicate foliage can burn if exposed to the sun in the summer directly. Maple leaves may turn brown and curl when exposed to direct sunlight due to the presence of dissolved minerals in the water that rely on leaves. The traditional view that the impact of burning is caused by water droplets act like a lens to focus the sun’s rays.

Red maple bonsai prefers wet to moist soil. Water every day but still good drainage to prevent root rot. An old bonsai watering trick is to put the whole pot in a basin of water an inch or two deep. Let the water absorb from the holes in the bottom of the pot.

Fertilizing red maple bonsai is important to its health because nutrients in the soil that is washed away with each watering. Fertilizers are like vitamins and minerals for plant. However, do not feed for two months after re-potting or when the tree fell. Stop feeding for a month or two months during the hottest part of the summer. If you choose to use chemical fertilizers, feed weekly with a half strength solution of a balanced fertilizer such as 20-20-20. Another option is to feed every 20-30 days with a slow acting organic fertilizer in spring and autumn. That’s all tips to care Red maple bonsai.

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