The Chinese Elm Bonsai

The Chinese Elm Bonsai

Chinese Elm bonsai is a very flexible variety of trees because it allows you to form a style anyway you want. These trees are very popular due to the fact that they look perfect as a miniature because their rounded shape, fine twigs and small leaves.

They have dark gray bark that has mixed with cream and red. Chinese Elm bonsai reside semi evergreen as long as it is kept in the home. However, when they grow as large as bonsai trees for outside, they will turn into fallen trees. The best thing about growing Chinese elm bonsai is that unlike the other elm, Chinese elm is not susceptible to Dutch elm disease. Chinese Elm bark is the most interesting aspect.

With age, the bark display gets even more interesting, acquiring a cracked display that enriches the bonsai character. In the case of this bonsai, you must remember that the smoother the bark, the weaker it is.

You can also grow Chinese Elm bonsai on the ground for some time, pruning and trimming it grows in the ground. This will help the trunk to get a stocky look, if you alternate the growth of the tree with the regular chopping over a period of several years. Chinese elm Bonsai usually requires full sun or partial sun. A lot of colors can cause to interior shot die back or growth or overlarge internodes. People who only live in places that have a very hot summer should keep this in partial shade.

You can keep some or all of the leaves of the tree during the winter. However, take care of the roots during the winter. This is because Chinese bonsai elm has fleshy roots that can be easily damaged if they are allowed to get cold. Do not make the soil in pots bonsai to dry, this can be very harmful to the trees. Be sure to irrigate regularly bonsai. They grow quickly so that you need to the appropriate fertilization. It should be fed every month, or twice each month, depending on the organic fertilizer that you use. That’s all about the Chinese Elm bonsai.

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