The Bonsai Tree Types

The Bonsai Tree Types

There are basically two bonsai tree types that can grow successfully. With many range in each type, you can choose according to your taste. Bonsai tree started for the first time in nearly two thousand years ago from China. However, it was the Japanese who have developed a variety propagating style and techniques.

The two bonsai tree types is the indoor bonsai plants which are perfectly grown in location in homes and offices. Most both tropical and sub tropical plants make good indoor tree. It will grow and stay healthy for long period’s time if they are treated properly. All plants need sufficient sunlight. Water your bonsai tree with the appropriate amount of water after putting them in the window, where they are receiving adequate sunlight. Make sure that the plant is never dry and a lot of water can make root rot happen. Use water soluble good quality fertilizers that contain all the proper nutrition. You must receive fertilizer plants once a week in summer and once every 4 weeks in the winter.

Samples of bonsai tree type are Chinese Elm, Chinese snow rose, Fujian tea tree, Baby Jade and Chinese bird plum. In addition, there are a flower paper known as Bougainville and bougainvillea, the famous money tree is also known as the water Chinese pepper and Pachira Fortune tree, Buddhism pine as well as the Sacred Bamboo or Nandina domestic and Chinese Privet. Other bonsai tree types are those that grow in the open air and can be divided into more of the following two categories: Evergreen bonsai trees and the deciduous bonsai. These may grow into a real beauty with care and proper nutrition. Evergreen bonsai does not shed leaves in one of the four seasons.

However, they became active in the winter during which time the leaves turn dull green or yellow. Types of bonsai trees lose their leaves fall in autumn. They are active during the winter and begin to grow in the spring. That’s all about bonsai tree types.

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