Maintaining Wood Gazebo

Maintaining Wood Gazebo

Maintaining wood gazebo is an easy way to turn an ordinary backyard into a beautiful retreat for relaxing or entertaining. You can contact a gazebo designer when you want to put it as an outstanding functional decoration for your house. The question is, however, how do you maintain your beautiful gazebo so that it will look good in five years as it looks when you first install? If you know how to maintain a wood gazebo, it will look great for decades. If you think that maintenance is difficult, you can follow some simple rules below to maintain your wood gazebo.

A wood gazebo is built anything made of wood to withstand the elements. The base of the gazebo should be a solid foundation. The gazebo should be light and airy surveillance, both for aesthetic and practical reasons. The steel roof of wood gazebo also helps to protect you from any disturbances such as moisture and direct sunlight. There are a number of appropriate roofing materials available, including aluminum, clay tiles, and shingles and straw. All of them look great, but requires powder-coated aluminum. If you use temporary thatched roof, it sometimes require replacement.
In addition, you have to keep the wood itself. You can wash the wood periodically with a mild environment-friendly detergent to maintain the new shape and avoid the accumulation of fungus. You need to avoid using a hard brush or pressure hose, because this may lead to the damage at the end. It should be a soft brush that is able to do the work for you.

To maximize the life of your wood gazebo, you need to seal or paint it every two years. After five or six years, you may need to call a professional painter for your gazebo, but with proper care, it can last up to ten years before it needs to do so. Also make sure that you keep the growth of the plants in your garden towards your gazebo. If you want to allow the vines growing side gazebo, and keep them under control with regular pruning. So that’s all the easy and practical ways to maintain your wood gazebo.

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