How To Choose Pool Lights

How To Choose Pool Lights

It is common for many homeowners to install a swimming pool lights. Most homeowners prefer to install LED lights because it comes with a number of advantages. One of the advantages is brighter than conventional lights. They are available in different colors as well. Therefore, you can decorate your swimming pool with the color you want. Many LED lights are to be color change as they change their color every few minutes. You can also program them to change color according to the rhythm or a particular style. LED lights do not suffer from hot issues like conventional lights. Therefore, you can run it on the water without any problems.

There are two types of pool lights that you can go to. People who install underwater equipment designed to float on the surface pool. You should note that while the pool lights that float on the water are great to see and they do not fit in any home. When buying a pool lights, don’t forget to pay attention to the material used for the enclosure. Most of the lights are protected by either plastic or stainless steel enclosure steel. Cages usually come with a rubber gasket to prevent water from entering inside the fixture.

For caging to survive for a long time, you have to go for stainless steel. You should note that in spite of the cage will provide long service. They tend to be more expensive than plastic enclosure. In addition to the consideration of the cage material, you also have to consider the pool light voltages. If you have a small pool lights or a standard, you have to go to 12-volt light. When buying a lamp always verify the completeness and ensure that they receive the bulbs with a small, medium or large base. It is important to note that you cannot exchange the foundations of different lights.

Therefore, when making a purchase decision, always make sure that the bulb fits your swimming pool. That’s all tips to choose pool lights.

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