Best Bonsai Tree Care

Best Bonsai Tree Care

Some important features that must be considered for the treatment of Bonsai are the location, watering, feeding, re-potting and pruning. Finding the right place for your bonsai is very important to take care of Bonsai. You need to place your tree in the right location to make your experience with bonsai tree is much easier. You need to know whether your bonsai plants it was indoor or outdoor before deciding which to keep. If you put your plants in a wrong climate, you will not succeed no matter how many times you try. It is also important to control the amount of sunlight.

Watering is the most important factor for Bonsai tree care. There are a variety of bonsai trees that requires different amounts of water. Thus, there are no global watering guidelines that apply to all bonsais. There are various irrigation instructions for different bonsai trees. A common procedure is to keep the soil moist of your bonsai at all times.

Bonsai will absorb nutrients from the soil as they grow, the mobilization of nutrients are beneficial to your success. You should feed your bonsai with rich organic nitrogen fertilizer during the growing season (spring to fall). When re-potting, be sure to cut a third of the roots and to report with new soil. You can choose to plant your bonsai back into some container or up to a larger size.

To avoid burdening the roots, you have to reduce the leaves and branches of trees before re-potting. To keep your bonsai form, you should prune your bonsai during the growing season. To avoid a bad surprise of your plants, you need to cut gradually over a period of time. Do not trim and cut a lot of leaves and branches in a single day. That’s our article about Bonsai tree care.

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